Citizen’s Rights Curriculum for Universities

News ID : #1720
Publish Date : 07/11/2017 16:22
President’s special assistant on citizen’s rights gave news of the drafting of a comprehensive plan on citizen’s rights in 14 indicators and said: the provincial programme of the Charter will also be implemented.

According to Tasnim News Agency, in the Citizen’s Rights Provincial Conference on 8 July, Elham Aminzadeh referring to her meeting with the Yasouch city’s Imam Juma said: “He stressed on the realisation of citizen’s rights and said the prudence government is certainly moving towards the implementation of the Charter.”

The President’s special assistant on citizen’s rights said: “the Citizen’s Rights Charter was communicated on 19 December last year, and the deadline for the presentation of the practice of citizen’s rights by all executive bodies was 28 February this year, which has been fulfilled and its report has been submitted to the President.”

Saying that there are one year, four year and 20 year plans with regards to Citizen’s Rights Charter, she said: “in the 12th government the Charter is noted as a golden terms and conditions.”

Elham Aminzadeh said: “the Citizen’s Rights Charter has 120 articles and 22 rights all of which are based on the constitution, and the people must learn more about the constitution.”
She said: “the general comprehensive citizen’s rights plan has been compiled in 14 indicators and the provincial plan of the Charter will also be presented.”

The special assistant on citizen’s rights said: “the government tries to provide services to the people on the basis of ability, through conversation on haves and have nots.”
Saying that the subject of citizen’s rights began from the 1980s said: “the citizen’s rights curriculum for universities has been complied and will be taught at degree levels to university students from September.”

Aminzadeh said: “the capacities of provinces will be utilised in the implementation of the Charter and it is expected for the media, NGOs and the justice departments of the provinces to cooperate in the implementation of the Charter in the provinces.”