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 crime-against-humanity - GENOCIDE RESUMES
It is important to emphasize at this point that the Israeli state has perpetuated its power and authority through an apartheid system of governance. With the...
 crime-against-humanity - Canada Draws Fire Over Freedom of Expression and Justice
Canada Draws Fire Over Freedom of Expression...
Israel is the “good guy” that shares Canada’s democratic “values”, while Palestinians are the “bad guys” who elect “terrorists”. HRW’s report says: No,...
 crime-against-humanity - Gaza has had enough
Gaza has had enough
Israel’s deprivations of Palestinians from their rights are so severe that they amount to the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.
 crime-against-humanity - War crimes by Israeli forces
War crimes by Israeli forces
“The findings of this report must pave the way for justice for victims of war crimes, and break the long-standing cycle of impunity for serious violations of...
 crime-against-humanity - Yemen in the Inferno of War and Children Suffering from Famine and Disease
Yemen in the Inferno of War and Children...
A wide range of acts from the massacre of civilians, women and children in particular to strikes against religious, historic and medical places are in the...