First women-only factory opens in Iran

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Publish Date : 03/04/2017 14:30
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First women-only factory opens in Iran
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The first women-only factory in Iran was officially inaugurated last week in the city of Sari, northern Mazandaran province.

All the investment and launching procedures have been implemented by women and the entire workforce are female, IRNA quoted Maryam Nasiri-Khalili, the managing director of the company as saying.

The all-women founders of the fruit chips factory, Ofogh Taban Caspian, have invested 3 billion rials (about $80,000) in the project, she added.

A number of 176 women work directly or indirectly for the factory, which is producing around 400 kilograms of chips every day.

Some 30 employees and laborers are working in the staff division and the production lines, including processing and packaging units, Nasiri-Khalili said.

Some women are working in the related farms and they are occupied with harvesting fruits and agricultural works, she explained.

According to statistics released by Mazandaran governor general’s office, around 600 manufacturing and service companies are run by women across the province.

Moreover, some 3,000 manufacturing and industrial companies having 80,000 laborers are active in Mazandaran.


“ First women-only factory opens in Iran ”