Volunteer Counseling Services in flood Stricken Iran

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Publish Date : 04/23/2019 11:39
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199 Professionals Volunteer to Offer Counseling Services in the Flood Stricken Iran

Following the public call by ODVV’s rehabilitation center for “Offering Volunteer Counseling” to flood-stricken regions of Iran, 199 professionals including experienced psychologists, counselors and social workers, have registered in the ODVV’s Raha Clinic social media. 

The volunteers who are from various parts of Iran are taking courses on crisis intervention, the trainings are being offered both in-person and on-line.
At the moment, following the request made by the Judiciary, two teams of the volunteers are going to be sent to Mazandaran and Golestan, flood stricken provinces located in the North of Iran.

“ Volunteer Counseling Services in flood Stricken Iran ”