ODVV Statements at 17th Session of the Human Rights Council

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Publish Date : 12/10/2014 12:28
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ODVV Statements at 17th Session of the Human Rights Council

TerrorismMr. President,
Terrorism strikes and targets innocent people by using violence for inter alia, political objectives. So far the main emphasis of the international conventions as well as concerted international and national efforts have been directed to prevent or punish terrorists and terror groups. This has often invoked the disregard of the victims of terror.

Where is an international body, parallel to the Security Council which is exclusive for certain veto powers, that will entertain the complaints and human sufferings of the victims, fairly and impartially, irrespective of their nationalities, political views and ideological backgrounds? Universal jurisdiction for prosecution, yes, but where is universal redressing the grievances?

Is it possible for the victims of terrorism to trigger the universal jurisdiction against the terrorists groups and their state sponsors, whom not only under the guise of human rights and refugee laws, have kept them immune but introduced them as defenders of human rights?

Mr. President,
Putting an end to terrorism as the most serious crimes of that are a concern for the international community as a whole and by being witness to the unimaginable atrocities committed by certain organizations, would not be achieved unless there is real determination to tackle the plight of the Iranian victims, free from double standards.

It is incumbent upon us in particular to see the feasibility of establishing a voluntary fund for such victims as well as to explore the ways and means to rehabilitate them into their own society, the compensation and relief for victims regardless of their nationalities, justice could not have been done discriminately.

Mr. President,
The considerable procedural and political obstacles should be removed. The Iranian victims of terrorism have been marginalized, even excluded from international venues and their fundamental rights to be heard by this Body be denied and violated, which demonstrates that there is no real will to end their lasting physical and mental pain. This is a flagrant violation of their human rights.

Thank you

“ ODVV Statements at 17th Session of the Human Rights Council ”