ODVV Statements at 18th Session of the Human Rights Council

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Publish Date : 12/10/2014 12:44
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ODVV Statements at 18th Session of the Human Rights Council

Item 7Mr. President,
The excitement that was shown by the majority of member states of the United Nations General Assembly over the presentation of a formal request for the recognition of Palestine as a State shows that the resolute condemnation of the philosophy of force and occupation and disregard of numerous United Nations adopted resolutions, alongside the heavy pain and suffering of a people that for 63 years have been under oppression, suppression and suffered from apartheid because of construction settlements buildings and unjust security barrier, these people have not bowed their heads in defeat.

Mr. President,
Nevertheless, this international excitement must not prevent the Council from pursuing the rightful demands of Palestinians that have been pertinent for several decades. Demands that include:
1 – To recognize the most basic human rights that the UN Charter states, which is the right of self determination for the Palestinian people.
2 – Taking necessary measures for the return and housing of millions of Palestinian refugees.
3 – Putting an end to the imprisonment of more than 1.5 million people in the Gaza Strip.
4 – Putting an end to the policy of settlements constructions, eviction of Palestinians and overall creation of hatred and a violent atmosphere in the occupied territories.
5 – And finally a fair and comparative investigation of the findings of the UN fact finding committee regarding the Aid Flotilla incident.

Mr. President,
The Organization for Defending Victims of Violence believes that the start of the wave of Islamic Awakening and Arab Spring, has brought about an atmosphere and opportunity for the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people to be pursued in a more logical and just basis. An opportunity that our organization hopes the Council does not ignore.

Thank you.

“ ODVV Statements at 18th Session of the Human Rights Council ”