ODVV Statements at 19th Session of the Human Rights Council

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Publish Date : 12/10/2014 12:47
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ODVV Statements at 19th Session of the Human Rights Council

Item 3: Human Trafficking, Grave Violation of Human RightsToday, the fight against human trafficking as one of the crimes against human dignity is the common denominator of most countries. The violation of human dignity by human traffickers and the close link of trafficking with other organized crimes such as money laundering, is one of the main reasons for the international community’s determination to fight this crime.

Human trafficking is very obscure and it’s very difficult to study. This is why it’s the easiest crimes that is committed, and turned a blind eye against.

Each year we witness gains made in the pursuit and bringing to justice of traffickers, victims identification, and taking protective and preventive measures. In spite of the ratification of various conventions and protocols we continue to see the daily growth of this crime.

The three main and interlinked principles of the prevention of human trafficking include: pursuit and prosecution of traffickers, and the protection of rescued victims, indicates the necessity for a very widespread coordination among states, local communities and international organizations for the fight against human trafficking.

Iran and its long borders with 7 neighbouring countries, and economy in transition, are not immune to this phenomenon, although compared to other countries the statistics are not that notable.

The ODVV believes that inclusive and structural needed measures for the prevention of human trafficking, must reflect cultural changes because of which modern slavery can get eliminated, the needs which facilitate the occurrence of this crime must be confronted.
The ODVV believes that the implementation of international laws on trafficking must not just be limited to legal measures, but programmes and policies must be devised and set for the reduction of trafficking in women and children that are comprehensive and inclusive, and stress must be made on the prevention of these crimes through multilateral measures. Also the allocation of funds for the purpose of capacity building of women and education of all of society and victims’ support for their reintegration into society are some of the effective measures that the United Nations can have a role towards the reduction of this phenomenon.
Oral statement following the report of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights DefendersMadam President
While thanking you for your endless work and efforts in reviewing the human rights situation of human rights defenders across the world, since nongovernmental human rights organizations are from the defenders community, my organization, the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, would like to propose a number of recommendations on the extension of the inclusion, and the promotion of states cooperation with your mandate.

Most sates are aware that the extension of inclusion of human rights defenders to various groups of society results in their vulnerability towards a large volume of these claims. This claim can be noticed in the draft human rights defenders resolution of the 66th General Assembly with regards to the inclusion of journalists in the category of defenders.

In these instances the mixing of correct that can be followed up with incorrect and or questionable claims, it gives the state that is being reviewed that the word defender is a cover for the covert operations of hostile states, and for this reason the state in question is forced to restrict defenders’ activities. Unfortunately to-date international instruments have not defined a clear boundary for “true defence of human rights” with “its use as a tool for the continuation of full political and party intentions”. We believe that the insistence on the matter of defenders must have total and unconditional freedom to continue their campaigns, in view of the unsuitable and politicized international relations Atmosphere, is not practical.

Madam President

In many countries there are defenders and NGOs that define their activities within the domestic judicial and legislative political structures, and endeavour through extensive lobbying, expertise opinions, and putting pressure, to improve and promote the human rights of their countries. Instead of the name and shame method, these organizations believe in step by step and within the laws framework of their countries and application of pressure to gently reach their demands, and believe that these types of change will be more sustainable and assertive. Their concentration is on results and not a conclusion that is a result of hard and mixed pressures that are exploited by the enemies of their country.

Madam President

While thanking you again for all your hard work, we hope that attention is paid to point raised and consideration of this group of defenders in countries, in your future reports.

Thank you.
The Situation of Refugees in the Islamic Republic of IranIntroduction
According to current existing figures, there are approximately one million Afghan and fifty thousand Iraqi refugees living in Iran, there’s another further 2 million Afghans living illegally in Iran. These people are faced with various problems the major one of which is economic problems. Due o the lack of compensation systems in the spending cuts of the government and international organizations and also the lack of expected support by nongovernmental organizations, and or the miniscule amount of services they get, the refugees living conditions have been kept in very low levels. International sanctions against Iran, the fixing of subsidies at the national level and the low amount of international aid with consideration of the number of refugees can also be pointed out.

Women refugees
Women refugees especially those who have not male support are more vulnerable against various types of exploitation and more than any other group are subjected to rape, physical violence, sexual abuse, and forced to prostitution. Even those Afghan women refugees that are protected by men in view of cultural backgrounds many families are faced with restrictions and often subjected to domestic violence.
In view of the problems and difficulties of this group, and an accurate and comprehensive review of their problems and presentation of proper solutions for their protection are challenges that for various reasons such as the lack of financial resources, not enough NGOs that are able to give them assistance.

Refugee children
In the present conditions and due to the economic pressures against Iran, refugee children who are forced onto the streets to earn a living are more under threat than any other groups of society. The living conditions of this group of children, particularly in the early years of development are such that deep physical, emotional and mental scars are inflicted on them.

Considering the above mentioned issues, the ODVV seriously request the Human Rights Council and member parties that:

1- Provide necessary support to national and international NGOs active in Iran,
2- To show appropriate reaction towards the economic pressure against Iran which have not only affected Iranian citizens but specifically affected the refugee community as well,
3- More attention towards the demands of the people of Afghanistan, and also attention to the consequences of the presence of the Taliban and other extremist groups in the body of the Afghan government.
4- To support the reconstruction of Afghanistan in a serious way which can sooth a small part of the pain of the suffering groups.
Statement to Ahmed Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in IR IranMr. Rapporteur
Thanking the Special Rapporteur for the preparation and presentation of his report, as a nongovernmental human rights organization, and since it recognises that the aim of international human rights mechanisms is the promotion and protection of human rights, the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence would like to present its views for the comprehension of the report.

As we all know the realisation of human rights requires the cooperation of governmental, nongovernmental and international institutions based on up to date and practical mechanisms. Through the creation of mechanisms such as the Universal Periodic Review, appointment of thematic special rapporteurs, the Human Rights Council endeavours to get the cooperation of the three aforementioned institutions towards the realisation of human rights. Having said this, the important role of the nongovernmental organizations has been ignored in the report.

There are many NGOs in Iran who function within the legal framework of the country and by the use of various tools such as colloquium and reciprocal dialogue with government officials, holding human rights education courses, seminars, etc. these organizations take steps towards the promotion f human rights. Consideration of the attention to the activities of NGOs approach, while strengthens the role of these organizations, it is also important in the promotion of human rights; and can also provide notable help in the comprehension of the report.

Mr. Rapporteur
The preparation of the human rights situation report can only result in the promotion of human rights when it reviews the human rights situation of a country with an all-inclusive and comprehensive approach. For the preparation of such a report attention should also be made to the efforts of society, nongovernmental organizations and the authorities for the improvement of various aspects of human rights in the country, alongside the criticisms. Although the from the allegation-based and name and shame procedures aspects these issues are not worth much, but they do affect the daily lives of the people of the country.

The ODVV hopes to see the strengthening of a correct, balanced, neutral and valued approach in Mr. Shaheed’s attitude towards the endeavours of all the actors within the Iranian society for the improvement and promotion of human rights in our their country.

Thank you.

“ ODVV Statements at 19th Session of the Human Rights Council ”