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 Gaza - ODVV Interview: The void of international humanitarian law in the Gaza humanitarian crisis
ODVV Interview: The void of international...
In the field of health, Gaza hospitals are trying to continue their activities and services under the fire of Israeli attacks, as their equipment is running...
 Gaza - 16-Year-Gaza Blockade, Prevention of Humanitarian Aid and the Geneva Four Conventions
16-Year-Gaza Blockade, Prevention of...
The escalation of the 16-year siege by Israel and continued occupation has denied Gaza’s 2.2 million population's access to food, water, fuel, utilities and...
 Gaza - Is the Bombardment of Hospital in Gaza an Example of Crime against Humanity?
Is the Bombardment of Hospital in Gaza an...
The missile attack of 17 October 2023 against a hospital in Gaza, took place in the form of “attack against a civilian population” and in “widespread” and...
 Gaza - Israel continues to erase Palestine
Israel continues to erase Palestine
Nothing has worked on the ground for the Palestinians. Nothing has stopped Israeli encroachment on Palestinian rights and theft of their land.
 Gaza - War crimes by Israeli forces
War crimes by Israeli forces
“The findings of this report must pave the way for justice for victims of war crimes, and break the long-standing cycle of impunity for serious violations of...
 Gaza - Torture in Israel
Torture in Israel
The authorities have three variations in their reaction to torture: "nothing is happening, what is happening is something else, and what is happening is...
Seizing a civilian vessel in international waters on a humanitarian mission is a clear violation of international law.