2.85 Percent Growth in the Literacy Index in Iran

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Publish Date : 09/05/2017 18:42
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2.85 Percent Growth in the Literacy Index in Iran
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The director of the Literacy Movement Organization of the country said: “from 2011 to 2016, the literacy index of the country has grown by 2.85 percent, while the growth level of this index for the years 2006 to 2011, in spite of the availability of all facilities was 0.2 percent.

In the Literacy Support Council sitting in Kurdistan, the director of the said organization, Ali Bagherzadeh said: “since the time when human development was proposed, some developments have also took place in the government’s policies and illiteracy became a serious issue in the world, a consensus was reached with regards to the eradication of this problem and creation of development in this regard. Today, literacy does not just mean being able to read and write, but it is believed that the aim of literacy is the improvement of the living quality, and reading and writing are tools only for experiencing a better life.”

He explained: “Today in literacy education, political, health and other instances of literacy is pertinent and noted that reading and writing is the basis of all the aforementioned, and without reading and writing other literacy aspects will not be acquired.”

Bagherzadeh said: “In literacy education we follow three approaches, the first of which is the maximum flexibility approach in a way that the necessary conditions and opportunities for education be facilitated for all groups in every part of the country.” Noting that there isn’t any necessary flexibility in schools, he continued: “The opportunity must be provided for adults and by bringing about opportunities, they must be encouraged to get literacy education. As a leading factor, education affects the lives of illiterate people greatly, and this second approach of ours is in the reduction of the illiteracy rates.”

He deemed the maximum benefit in the final approach in literacy education and stressed: “Adults who are trained must understand the importance of learning and necessity in getting education and enjoy the most benefits from these trainings.”




“ 2.85 Percent Growth in the Literacy Index in Iran ”