On the occasion of the International Day of Families, a specialized meeting took place...

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Publish Date : 05/20/2015 17:00
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On the occasion of the International Day of...
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Specialize meeting on ‘family’s influence on formation of one’s self-damage and growth’ was held on Sunday 17th May, 2015 in the conference Hall of the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, public affairs of the ODVV reported that the message of Secretary General of UN was read by Mohammad Rajai Moghadam, the vice president of the United Nation Information Center in Tehran.

 Secretary General Ban ki-Moon on the International Day of Families in his statement on May 15th, 2015 ‘’with the theme of ‘’Men in Charge?’’ highlighted the importance of gender equality and children’s rights in contemporary families’’.
Throughout the world, many women are identified as equal partners and decision makers; so that they will be effective and helpful in making a safe and balanced environment for children.
On this international day, let us resolve to change the social and legal norms that support the right of women and children, and support the vulnerable individuals within families. While we are trying to make a constant development to international entity in all manners, let’s be even more united for protecting the rights of women and children in the families and societies.
It is reported that the meeting was held in the Consolation Center of the ODVV with the presence of a number of active doctors, psychologists and families. Doctor Zhaleh Afshari Monfared while highlighting the importance of family as the most significant factor in harming or helping in development of an individual, said: ‘’ Harm is rooted in the human life, from the very first day of your life until the very last, accordingly it must be studied by the specialist, relevant individuals and institutions very carefully.
Mrs. Afshari Monfared added that the first thing that must be taken care of is the hit of the birth of a baby both for the other and the child himself. She continued: ‘’Many parents need help and consultation after a birth of a child; however due to a lack of knowledge and being inexperienced, they never refer to a doctor regarding their issue and that causes the damage for the family as a whole’’.
She further asked the doctors and psychologists to pay more attention to history of families and added:’’ it is very important to emphasize on the emotional situation that exists in the family and the relations developed between the individuals within a family’’.
While emphasizing on the importance of the rehabilitation programs for the families who have experienced difficulties and have been harmed, said:’’ Considering the fact that not all parents are healthy (both physically and mentally), and that at some points their children are paying the price, the cycle will lead to violent behavior, and will create victims of violent. Thus, education and consultation are two important factors in making healthy and stable families.
Mrs. Afshari Monfared concluded: ‘’making a safe, healthy and happy environment and developing productive relationships far from psychological damage and violence are significant in having a family’’.
The clinical experiments and family therapies have shown us the deep pain that can be present in family lives. We, as the specialists in this field, will continue our strongest efforts for helping the situation.


“ On the occasion of the International Day of Families, a specialized meeting took place on the family influence on one’s self-damage and growth ”